A DIY Banana Stand

DIY Banana Stand

DIY Banana Stand

In the world of kitchen gadgets, it’s rare you get to use power tools or other wood shop equipment.  Sometimes, though, you get the chance to be creative.  That’s what going on with this DIY Banana stand, which uses an Irwin Quick Grip and a wooden fruit bowl with sides that don’t reach vertical.

The way these clamps work, you just squeeze the handle and the non-marking rubber pads close to grip the sides of the bowl.  When it’s time to use the clamp in the garage, you can eat the bananas or set them down on the table temporarily. =)  Then the Quick Grip releases in an instant with the release latch.

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re really going to use your Quick Grip in both DIY projects and a DIY banana stand, you should take care to clean it very thoroughly.  Either that or you’ll want to wash your fruit very well before eating.  You don’t want any harmful construction dust, especially if it could be lead paint dust, settling onto your food!

If you like this, check out our new Hands Free Groceries video.

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Some Say Being Green Is Easy…

Recycling is Very Important

…but sometimes it’s really not.  I’ve actually been scowled at for throwing away a plastic yogurt cup instead of washing it out and placing it gingerly into the recycling bin.  That’s not fair.  We each contribute to the solution in our own ways, and sometimes, what works for you won’t work for me.  I don’t want to look back on my life and realize that I’ve spent the equivalent of entire days washing yogurt cups, not to mention all that drinkable water that just went down the drain.

That’s why we’re trying to build a community around “preach-free green.”  We think we’re succeeding on Facebook, where we’ve been able to post friendly, non-confrontational tips and tricks for greener living.  It’s the same idea that underlies the BagPack.  We’d be tickled if you used it, but if you don’t, it’s not like you’re going to cause the Earth to die.  No, you’ll help in your own way.

The trick is in finding the ways that are easy for you.  Join us on Facebook and help us out by sharing good posts and suggesting better ones!

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Which Kind of Bag Works Best?

Some of the feedback from our early BagPack customers was that we should give more guidance on which bags work best.  This was the reason we introduced our newest Amazon product, the BagPack for Hands Free Groceries with Bags.

What you’re looking for is a durable bag with long, flexible handles.  The handles can’t be just big enough for a hand.  They need to give enough room to get your arm through.  You can test this easily with your bags when they’re empty.  Just lift one up by the handle and try to pull it up to your shoulder.

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